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I Was Kinda a Dick, but He Was Boring.

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

So this guy I met on Coffee Meets Bagel. I'll keep the story short...mostly because he didn't make a great impression and I don't remember much. He was okay in conversation via phone, but irl he was boringggggggg. We talked about how he ended up on dating apps and what he does for a living. I think he worked for some online gaming company and just moved here from the East. He also shared how he went on some awful date with some random girl that actually just wanted to use him for a ride to move her belongings because her roommate kicked her out that day. Yikes.

We went to this axe throwing place since it was half way between both of our sides of town. Unfortunately for him, I'm really good at it...he was kinda embarrassed and all butt hurt like men get when their masculinity is being challenged. He was also kinda fan girling over my "G-list or lower, celebrity status" at the time. That was annoying and is always a guaranteed way for me to shut down an interaction. I would NEVER disclose that information to people so they could get to know me for me, but normally the weirdos google me and figure it out before we meet in person, so I never have to actually go out with them.

Anyway, we're throwing axes. I'm bored out of my mind and send my friend the SOS text because I needed an excuse to go. Too bad he sucked at SOS's though...he went with the "throw a tantrum because I cancelled our plans to go on a date" excuse instead of something like "your grandma broke her hip". Idiot. Anyway, I get out of dinner to meet with my friends but, this guy insists on coming also. That way we can still hang out and I can accommodate my friend obligations. UGGGHHHHHHHHH.

Well this clown follows me to this tiki bar and we're all hanging out together. It's awkward. We're kinda ignoring him. First round of drinks is finished and he gets up to leave so I stand up and hug him goodbye without even walking him out. He got all awkward though because he thought I was gonna go too and totally thought he was getting an end of date kiss. NOT.

I proceeded to hang out with my friends the duration of the night. I was also a total dick for ghosting him after this. Sorry boring guy. I hope you had some other dates that didn't suck as much as me and the moving girl.



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